Stephen I. Schwartz

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1 September 2005
A government program for improving the reliability of America's nuclear stockpile is being transformed into an initiative to churn out a new generation of nuclear weapons. And nobody is even bothering to ask why they're necessary.
1 July 2004
Energy's tepid response to security concerns at nuclear facilities is all too apparent–just take a look at its bottom line.
1 May 2003
One Nation Underground: The Fallout Shelter in American Culture By Kenneth D. Rose, New York University Press, 2001, 313 pages; $28.95 Survival City: Adventures Among the Ruins of Atomic America By Tom Vanderbilt, Princeton Architectural Press, 2002, 228 pages; $25.00
1 May 2002
Build ‘em, test ‘em, use ‘em–the Bush administration really loves the bomb.
1 March 2000
An Elusive Consensus: Nuclear Weapons and American Security After the Cold War, By Janne Nolan, Brookings Institution Press, 1999, 139 pages; $14.95