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8 January 2009

Nuclear energy's positive role in carbon mitigation

As I've written in earlier rounds of this discussion a multifold increase in nuclear power deployment across the globe would substantially mitigate against future climate disruptions.

21 November 2008

An opportunity to explore nontraditional solutions

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently published the latest edition of its World Energy Outlook. The report states that nuclear capacity must grow to at least 1.8 times current capacity by 2030 if global temperature increases are to be kept to 2 degrees Celsius.

16 October 2008

To influence the debate, we must be part of the global nuclear energy discussion

I just returned from the Middle East and it's abundantly clear that U.S. influence in that part of the world is receding. The financial meltdown that’s going on is also contributing to an international lack of confidence in U.S.

9 September 2008

The world needs a strong global nuclear economy

Global population growth in combination with further industrial development will lead to a doubling of worldwide electricity consumption by 2030, according to the World Nuclear Association.