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19 May 2017

The ban treaty must address the scientifically predicted consequences of nuclear war

Steven Starr

To date, there has been an unfortunate avoidance (among both diplomats and NGOs) of any explicit discussion of the effects of nuclear war; instead the language of the general conversation has tended to focus on the effects of a nuclear weapon, in the singular.

9 June 2016

Chernobyl, Fukushima, and preparedness for a "next one"

Sonja SchmidAugustin SimoManpreet SethiSteven Starr

Thirty years after the world's worst nuclear power disaster and five years after its second-worst, are nations adequately prepared to contend with another unfolding accident?

1 June 2016

Nuclear power: Asking the wrong questions

The author argues that asking how to prepare for a nuclear disaster only steers the conversation away from the real issue, which is that nuclear power reactors should not be allowed to continue producing mass quantities of nuclear poison.