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1 May 2010
Since the dawn of the nuclear age, nuclear energy advocates have dreamed of a reactor that could produce more fuel than it used. More than 60 years and $100 billion later, that vision remains as far from reality as ever.
5 February 2009

Safety and carbon mitigation must be top energy priorities, not advanced nuclear energy projects

Going forward what should we do about the biggest issues that have plagued the nuclear power industry? They are--proliferation; the risk of another catastrophic nuclear plant accident; spent fuel/high-level waste disposal; and poor economics.

10 December 2008

Current nuclear technology isn't a cost-effective solution to U.S. energy, climate change, and security needs

Miles Pomper and Stephen Goldberg have made several good suggestions regarding how the Obama administration should focus its nuclear energy efforts--i.e., encouraging developing countries that are considering nuclear power to forgo proliferation-sensitive uranium enrichment and spent fuel reproce

22 October 2008

We must focus on alternative energy technologies that can mitigate climate change in the near-term, not nuclear power

Stephen Goldberg argues that the United States must have a robust research and development program to create and deploy advanced reprocessing technologies and fast reactors in order for us to influence how other countries manage their nuclear fuel and waste.

17 September 2008

Positive spin on GNEP ignores dangerous aspects of partnership

Stephen Goldberg has been careful to focus his discussion on the least controversial aspects of Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP), providing fuel services to emerging nuclear energy countries.