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17 September 2010

Sharing New START's negotiating record is unwarranted

Kingston ReifTravis Sharp

On September 16, the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved New START, the bilateral treaty signed in April that would verifiably reduce US and Russian nuclear weapons. Three Republican senators -- Richard Lugar, Bob Corker, and Johnny Isakson -- voted in committee to approve the treaty. Such support bodes well for the pact's prospects during floor consideration by the full Senate, which can still attach additional declarations and conditions to New START's resolution of ratification in order to clarify its interpretation of the treaty.

28 August 2009

Local priorities vs. national interests in arms control

Travis Sharp

While beliefs about national sovereignty and international law matter, when it comes to arms control treaties, ideological considerations rarely trump pork-barrel politics. Would a senator from a state dependent on the nuclear weapons complex oppose an arms control treaty not on the basis of ideology, but because the treaty would mean the loss of jobs or funding in their home state? Absolutely.