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16 July 2013

Expanding energy access, improving women's lives

Dipak GyawaliKalpana SharmaTri Mumpuni

In the developing world, women and their families often struggle  because they lack access to modern energy. Women's days are taken up with  menial tasks; children quit school because they can't study at night;  everyone's health suffers.

16 July 2013

Women and energy: A package deal

The author argues that, to ensure that the benefits of electricity accrue to everyone in a poor community, the involvement of women is indispensable; women's involvement and improved energy access are a package deal.

24 June 2013

Local resources, local benefit

The author argues that community-based supplies of electricity in the developing world encourage independence, support economic activity, and empower people.

30 May 2013

Energizing villages, women, families

The author argues in favor of microhydro projects in the developing world, and argues that, in a rural village, it is often easiest to develop an infrastructure system if one seeks the heavy involvement of women from the start.