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1 January 2015
Global forum

The United States and Russia have obligated themselves to pursuing complete nuclear disarmament. But despite the two countries’ treaty obligations, it’s reasonable to wonder if Russia and the United States will ever accept the constraints on power that total disarmament implies.

31 October 2014

Where morality and reality converge

The author argues that it may be moral to support disarmament but morality is far from the only point. Disarmament would also address a variety of real-world security concerns.

31 October 2014

Zero: The correct goal?

Wael Al AssadLi BinSinan Ülgen

Though nuclear stockpiles have shrunk over the years, the largest nuclear powers exhibit limited interest in eliminating their arsenals entirely. Would warheads disappear faster if everyone accepted that minimum deterrence—not "zero"—is disarmament's destination?

18 September 2014

Four decades of pre-negotiations: Enough

The author argues that treating minimum deterrence as a useful interim step toward total nuclear disarmament makes no sense because nuclear weapon states aren't serious about disarmament to begin with.

20 August 2014

No commitments for the powerful?

The author argues that, though the world might be safer if nuclear weapon states each possessed only 30 nuclear weapons, abolition of nuclear weapons must remain disarmament's goal.