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30 August 2012

The nuclear approach to climate risk

Wang HaibinAnthony TurtonHira Bahadur Thapa

From desertification in China to glacier melt in Nepal to water scarcity in South Africa, climate change is beginning to make itself felt in the developing world.

23 August 2012

The dangers of exaggerating risk

The author argues that public perceptions of risk at nuclear power plants may be exaggerated, while risks at fossil-fuel and hydropower facilities may be underappreciated.

8 August 2012

To each technology its proper time and place

The author argues that using nuclear power for desalination may be appropriate in some cases, but is generally inappropriate in China; and that thorium-based reactors are more a technology of the future than of the present.

24 July 2012

Global issues, personal perspectives

The author argues that poor people in the developing world, who are quite vulnerable to the effects of climate change, might be expected to see significant benefits in nuclear energy¬; whereas the better-off, more capable of adjusting to climate change, might see greater risk nuclear power.