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17 December 2010

Medical isotope production: The US must follow South Africa's lead

Miles A. PomperWilliam C. Potter

A major outcome of the April 2010 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC, was the commitment by 47 nations to collaborate in developing new technologies that require neither highly enriched uranium (HEU) fuels for reactor operation nor HEU targets for producing medical or other isotopes. This principle of HEU minimization also was included in the final document of the 2010 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, which was adopted by consensus.

4 December 2009

Breaking the U.S.-Russian deadlock on nonstrategic nuclear weapons

Miles A. PomperNikolai SokovWilliam C. Potter

As U.S. and Russian negotiators hammer out a replacement to the 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), which expires tomorrow, some Republican senators have already criticized negotiators for not including nonstrategic nuclear weapons--a category of nuclear arms not subject to legally binding limits or verification and one in which there is a great disparity between U.S. and Russian holdings. The U.S.

1 March 2000
The West may be mistaken in not pushing for the removal of bomb-grade material from the nuclear center in Vinca, a suburb of Belgrade.