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25 April 2014

Needed: Ability to manage nuclear power

Pervez HoodbhoyYun ZhouSulfikar Amir

Building nuclear power plants is one thing. Operating a nuclear power sector is another. How can developing countries ensure that they have established adequate systems for managing nuclear power?

17 April 2014

Reprocessing: Only where appropriate

The author argues that reprocessing spent nuclear fuel may be appropriate for a large developing country such as China, but smaller countries will probably have to be satisfied for the time being with dry storage.

21 March 2014

Building public acceptance

The author argues that no nation, whether democratic or not, can afford to neglect public opinion about nuclear power; and that the Chinese-made ACP-1000 reactor is an upgraded version of mature reactor designs.

6 March 2014

Before reactors, appropriate systems

The author argues that developing countries considering the adoption or expansion of nuclear power sectors must establish a sustainable process for nuclear development, an appropriate framework for safety, and a productive approach toward public attitudes on nuclear power.

28 June 2012

China responds to Fukushima

Yun Zhou

Before the Fukushima nuclear disaster, China had a relatively small fleet of 14 nuclear reactor units with a relatively small capacity -- less than 12 gigawatts of electricity -- but the country had big nuclear plans. It led the world in new reactor construction, with 27 units under way, five units approved and awaiting construction, and another 16 units scheduled. If all current construction went forward as planned, the country would be ensured of reaching its original target of 40 gigawatts of nuclear-generated electric capacity by 2020.