Donor Appreciation

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists recognizes with gratitude the foundations and individuals listed below, who have supported us since January 1, 2010.

Carnegie Corporation of NY
Civil Society Institute
Compton Foundation, Inc.
David Blittersdorf Family Foundation
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
New-Land Foundation
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ploughshares Fund
Prospect Hill Foundation
Rockefeller Family & Associates
Seedlings Foundation
Stewart R. Mott Charitable Trust
Vivian and Paul Olum Foundation

$25,000 and up
John and Carol Balkcom
Kennette Benedict
Estate of Estella Bradley*
Donald and Helen Edwards
Lee Francis and Michelle Gittler
Austin Hirsch and Beth Gomberg-Hirsch
Rosa Ovshinsky
Mark and Nancy Ratner
William and Eleanor Revelle
Lowell Sachnoff and Fay Clayton

$10,000 and up
Michael Bierut
Estate of Paul Doty*
Robert and Linda Finkel
Bill Foster and Aesook Byon
Kendal and Kenneth Gladish
Ralph Goldenberg
Robert and Eleanor Levin Meyers
Mary and Ben Page
Sara Paretsky and Courtenay Wright
Henry and Wendy Paulson
George Poste
Karen Pritzker
Thomas Rosenbaum and Katherine Faber
Joan and James Shapiro
Lew Watts and Roxanne Decyk
Joan Winstein

$5000 and up
David Blittersdorf
Lewis and Marge Collens
Seth and Beth Grae
Richard Holland
Joseph Lach
Don Lamb and Linda Gilkerson
George Mallinckrodt
Lisa and Jim McCabe
Michael McCally and Christine Cassel
Robert Michael
Michael Polsky
Judith and John Reppy
Elaine Scarry
Jennifer Sims and Robert Gallucci
Robert and Susan Swartz

$1000 and up
Bapu Arekapudi
Raymond Arnaudo
Ellen Stone Belic
R Stephen and Carla Berry
Henry and Leigh Bienen
Virginia Bugliarello-Wondrich
David and Loren Chernoff
Lynn Eden
Philip Egert
Rodney Ewing and Helga Fuchs
Daniel and Anita Fine
Paul Francis
Mary Lou Gorno
Thomas Graham
William and Judith Greffin
Tony Haymet and Patricia Kaye
Siegfried Hecker
Phyllis Henigson
Howard Hiatt
David and Arlene Holloway
John Hurley and Linda Wetzel
Ola Jonasson
Michael and Susan Jones
Kenneth Jones
David Kandel and Betsy Krieger
Rocky and Adrienne Kolb
Martin and Pamela Krasney
Phillip and Kelly Kurschner
David and Dana Lee
Ken and Lucy Lehman
Paul and Carol Lingenfelter
Robert and Lynn Lipman
Alan Luntz
Jason Matheny
Elizabeth McCormack
Priscilla McMillan
Satish and Marina Nandapurkar
Jonathan Penn
John and Nancy Peoples
Ted Postol and Kathleen Beckman
Victor and Marti Rabinowitch
Richard and Jean Roberts
Robert and Marsha Rosner
Bruce and Karen Roth
Bettylu and Paul Saltzman
Vladimir and Nancy Sambaiew
Valentine Schaffner
Adele and John Simmons
John Slocum and Rachel Weber
Stephen Smaha and Jessica Winslow
Robert Socolow and Emily Matthews
Jack and Cynthia Steinberger
Edward Stone
Dorothy and Joseph Sulock
John and Cynthia Valleau
Lydia Veliko and John Thomas
Frank and Patricia von Hippel
Niel Wald
Marjorie Webster*
Bernice Weissbourd
David Wright and Lisbeth Gronlund

$500 and up
Robert Adams
John Ahearne
Cynda Collins Arsenault
Peter and Lucy Ascoli
Stephen and Susan Baird
Gregory and Jennifer Baldwin
David and Roxana Bartlett
Marjorie and Charles Benton
Stephen Boyd
Peter Brantley
Mindy Bricker
Andrew Brown
Jerry Busch
Ellen and Yehuda Cohen
Rosemary Colgate
Dorinda Dallmeyer
Sam Edwards
Joseph and Christine Evelyn
Steve and Marie Fetter
Sunny and Paul Fischer
Baruch and Andrea Fischhoff
Miriam and Bud Frankel
Joel Friedman
Edward A. Friedman
Hellmut and Sybille Fritzsche
Robert E. Frye
Alexander Glaser and Paloma Moscardó-Valles
Joshua and Gloria Goldberg
Kurt and Sorel Gottfried
Robert Gould
David Griesinger
Gregory and Wendy Gross
Gabrielle Hecht
Edward Helminski
Jo Husbands
Theodore and Katya Isaac
Laura Jones and Paul Ginsparg
Leo Kadanoff
Catherine Kelleher
Richard and Susan Kiphart
Arieh Konigl
Lawrence Korb
Nora Kyger
Frederick Lamb
Martyl Langsdorf*
Allison Macfarlane and Hugh Gusterson
John and Jane Mather
Allan Matthews
Michael and Mary May
John and Barbara McFarland
Marcia and Craig McKenzie
Ronald and Patricia Miller
Helmut and Nancy Mueller
Ivan Oelrich
Stephanie Pace Marshall
Edward Page
Sandra Panem and Dale Jenkins
Eugene and Niesje Parker
Thomas R. Pickering
Pavel Podvig and Tatiana Vinichenko
Douglas and Dorothy Reilly
Stuart Rice and Ruth O'Brien
Dean Rust
Howard and Ethel Schachman
Donald Shaffer*
Melvyn and Sheila Shochet
Roberta Siegel
Eugene and Winifred Skolnikoff
Laura and Peter Terpenning
Michael Turner and Barbara Ahlberg
James and Hildegard Vary
Marcus and Anne Wedner
Kenneth W. Willis
Edward Wolpow
Stephanie Woodson and Peter Nielsen
Sybil York

$100 and up
Herbert Abrams
Lewis and Margaret Agnew
Takashi Akutsu
Karen Alter-Hanson and Brian Hanson
Jurgen Altmann
Vicente Ambrosio, Jr.
Lowell Anderson
Samuel Aronson
David Aston
Jason Aufdenberg
Jane and Louis Barber
Martin Baskin*
Leonard Beerman
Mr. David Berke
H. Carol Bernstein
Joan Bernstein
Ralph Bertonaschi and Barbara Barstow
Rosina Bierbaum
Roger Bishop
J. Stanley Black
Bruce Blair
John and Carolyn Boitnott
Paige Bonk
Francis Bonner and M. Jane Carlberg
Kelley Bowen
Gerald Branigan
David Brereton
William Brinkman
Matthew Bunn
Dr. William Burr
Drs. Anne and John Cahn
James Cairns
Larry Campbell
William M Carey
John Carlstrom
A. Charles Catania
Cynthia Cattell
Carey Cavanaugh
Marie Chevrier
Thomas Chomicz
Norman Chonacky
Dorothy Ciarlo
Nancy and Ira Cohen
Leonard Cole
Marshal and Mary Ida Compton
Ron Cooper
Pierce Corden
Francesco Cottafavi
James and Carol Cronin
Richard J. Cusick, MD
Marcia and Kenneth Dam
Paul De Carli*
Renee de Nevers
Stephen Del Rosso
Shari and Stewart Diamond
Robert and Nancy Doan
Martin H.R. Donald*
Norah Dowd
James Doyle
Sidney and Harriet Drell
Howard Drossman and Julie Francis
Robert A. and Louise P. Dudley
Mary Dunn and Ronald Shapiro
Gavin Eadie
Michael Earley
Edith and Jon Eddy
Paul N. Edwards
Estia Eichten and Deborah Forman
Gerald Epstein and Ellen Mika
James and Marci Eraker
Irene Etkin Goldman
Elizabeth Fader
Seth Fearey
Eric Feigelson
Charles Ferguson
William Fickinger
H Keith Florig
William and Elizabeth Fowler
Jon Fred
Henry and Priscilla Frisch
David and Betsy Fryberger
Daiwie Fu
Stuart Fuld
Stephen Fulling
Judah Garber and Rebecca Eisenberg
Lt. Robert Gard and Janet Wall
Michael Georges
Peter Gibbs
Douglas Gies and Rebecca Bays
Bert Golding
Natalie Goldring and Mark Merriman
Edwin and Liza Goldwasser
Richard Goodwin and Judith Bell
Joseph Gootenberg and Susan Leibenhaut
Phillip Greenberg
Victor Grimm and Kathleen Grady
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Gustafson
David and Gina Hafemeister
Robert and Phyllis Hanfling
Harry and Ellen Hardebeck
Jay Harris
Glen Harris
Eric Hau
Jerome Hauer
Jerry Havens
Margaret Haynes
Evan Hazard
Christopher Henley
Dudley and Georgene Herschbach
Earl and Berys Heuer
Donald Heyse
Martyn and Joanna Hitchcock
Donald and Marcia Hnatowich
Rush Holt and Margaret Lancefield
Robert and Joan Holt
Daniel Holz and Jessica Jerome
Timothy Holzer and Carol Mazurek
Timothy Holzer and Carol Mazurek
Thomas Homer-Dixon
Ke Chiang and Shigeko Hsieh
Vincent Icke
David Inouye and Turris Ebora
Andre Jagendorf
Kyu Soo Jhung
Ronald Kaiserman
Egbert Kankeleit
Sivan Kartha
Michele T Kearney
Robert and Nan Keohane
William and Sandria Kerr
John and Carol Kerridge
Ray Kidder
Justin Knierim
David Kuhlman and Martha Esch
David and Delia Laitin
Jerome Lang
Suzanne Langsdorf
Mary Laraia
Diego Latella
Paul and Leslie Lehner
Richard Leigh
Donald Leiss
Nancy Levner
George Lewis
Robert B. and Carol Lifton
Robert J. Lifton
Kenneth and Michelle Lifton
Astri Lindberg
George Lopez
Sarah Lovinger
Benjamin Luchini
Dolores Magraw
Robert March
Kurt and Elisabeth Marti
Jason Matheny
J. Andrew McCammon
Charles McCombie
J.R.H. McDonald
R. Bruce McKibben
Tom McNaugher
Alice Michael and David Olson
Kimball Milton
Anna Mojsejenko
Ernest Moniz
Lucia Mouat
Edward Munyak
David Muschler and Ann Becker
Michael Myers
Clayton Nall
Martin Nemer
Dawn Netsch*
Sam Nunn
Edward Oppenheimer and Susan Munaker
Edith Oxfeld
Mary Palevsky
Adele Panofsky
Carl Peridier
Charles Perrow
Murray and Frances Peshkin
Ralph and Ruth Petrucci
Elizabeth Phillips
Eleanor Piel
Judith Pieper
Stuart Pinto
Judith Plows
Stephen Pordes
Kristin Porter
Barry Posen
Chris and Elizabeth Quigg
Janet Rabinowitch
M V Ramana
Don and Carol Reeder
Barbara Reeves
Hugh Rice and Mary Schaefer
David Rich
Thomas Richardson and Barbara West
Steven Riedhauser
Charles Roche
Jonathan and Joy Rosner
Laila Rothstein
Randall Rowlett and Linda Zetley
Miles and Nancy Rubin
Barbara and Pier Oddone
Sheldon and Morjean Samuels
Donna Sanderson
Charles and Judy Schmidt
James and Elayne Schoke
Roy and Karen Schwitters
John Scott
Nadrian Seeman
Andrew Semmel
Frank and Cecile Settle
Stephen Shafroth
Robert Shapiro
Alexander Sharp
Daniel and Joanne Shively
Alexandra and F. Wells Shoemaker
Judith Shore
Frank Shoup
Antonia Lhamo Shouse
Jonas Siegel
Victor Skorapa, Jr.
Elske Smith
Michael Sokoloff
Karen Sollins
Charles Sommerfield
Peter Somssich
Skip and Carol Spensley
Christine Stidley
Dawn Stover
Christopher Straus
Mary Strauss
Alan Stultz
Akira Tashiro
Catherine Thomasson
Bryan Traubert and Penny Pritzker
Kosta Tsipis
Jonathan Tucker*
Peter Van Ness
Peter and Frances Vandervoort
John and Marcia Vaughey
Brenton VerPloeg
Samuel Visner
Gerald and Ruth Vurek
Hongying Wang
William Ward
David Wargowski
J. Richard and Margaret Weaver
John and Sandra Wefel
Raymond Weill
Steven and Louise Weinberg
Joel Weisberg and Janet Watchman
Robert Bruce Weisman
Ray Weiss and Abby Silverman
Elihu Welber
John Westendorf
William Wieninger
Elizabeth Wilson
Robert Wise
Lou and John Woellner
Jack Woodward
Lester and Marianne Woodward
Martin Worm-Leonhard
Ryuji Yamada
Eileen Zalisk
John Zawacki
Marvin Zonis and Lucy Salenger

Megan Adams
Dean Adams
Helen Arnold
David Atkins
Regina Axelrod
Albert A. Barlett*
Hugh Beach
David Belian
N. Lee Beneze
Roger Benites
Netta Ben-Meir
Harry Bernas
Praveen Bhamidipati
Carla Bigelow
Gregory Bihn
Marion Birch
Robert Black
Stephanie Blahut
Miriam Libby Blank
Conny Bogaard
Sue Bogner
Claiborne Booker
Susan Brown
Ashton Brown
Charles Brown
David Burman
Maureen Cadorette
Selvam Canagaratna
Sue and Steve Carlson
Edward Ciaccio
Chester Clarke
Peter Cohen
Alberto Corneo
Robert Covington
Alex Cox
MaryAnne Coyle
Derrin Culp
Jerry Current
Amar Dave
Raymond Dawson
David Dawson
Jacques Delettrez
Nick Deshpande
Mara Drogan
Dorothy Dunn
Christos Eleftheriou
Matthew Evangelista
Bert Fannin
Robert Farquhar and Elizabeth Collins
Brett Faulkner
Guy Fedorkow
Mark Fitzpatrick
Allen and Denise Flora
Lewis and Nancy Franklin
Bob Freeman
Mary E. Froemming
Gladys Fuller*
Richard and Lois Garwin
Vincent Giuliano and Melody Winnig
Joseph Goldman
Joshua Goldstein
William and Marion Gough
Mark Gregory
Lucy Grimes
Jim Grisius and Kin Ching Kong
Wende Hamilton
Peter Hammerling
Joshua Handler
Mary Stacy Hanrahan
Otto Heinz
Nancy Heule
Guy Hindle
Eugene Hodal
Carla Holder
Gary Hoxit
David Hucklesby
Eboe Hutchful
Jerry Jouret
Charles Kammer
Andrew S. Kanter, MD MPH
Stanley and Adria Katz
Earle Kaufman
Peter Keating
Howard Lee Kilby
Judith Klein
David Kraft
Meit Krakau
Nishant Kumar
John LaForge
Marshall Lapp
Jane and Joel Larus
Clifton Lawson
Yvonne Leslie
Tim Lewis
Huang Liduan
Irvin Lindenmuth
Lee and Hardy Loe
Bernard and Louise Lown
Mark Maiello
Hiromitsu and Patricia Masui
Brian Matthews
Jack McCurdy
Theodore and Ana McKee
Harry Mieras
Jeffrey Miller
Franklin Miller
Jehan Mondal
Dennis Morrison
Peter Murphy
Vijai Nair
Virginia Natwick
Paul Ogren
Lynn and James Olson
Victor and Diantha Pare
Muhamed Pasha
Michael Patterson
Donald and Marilyn Pet
Margaret Race
John Rachow
Ephraim and Babette Radner
Nikos Raptis
Rachelle and William Rea
Bruce Reed
Larry Rieser
Abigail Rieser
John Robinson
Marian E. Ronan
William and Paula Rupel
Peter Salcius
Ted and Kari Scambos
Carolyn Schauble
Martha Seely
Eunice Shears
Janette Sherman, MD
Deborah Silvey
Alan Slavin
Richard and Sylvia Somerville
Richard Spiek
Conrad Sthare
Bertram and Lynne Strieb
William Sweet
James Totman
David Trayer
David Triggle
David Trulock
Saul Vargas
Hiroaki Wada
John Wade
Mel Watkins
Betsy Weiner and Molly Weiner Cooper
Jacob Wertz
George Wiegand
Philip Wirshup
Jeffrey Wood
Robert Yaffee
James Yamazaki
Anne B Zill
Joachim Zimmer
George Zimmer
Sidney and Gloria Ziring
Adrian Zolkover

* Deceased