Leonard M. Rieser Fellowship

The family and friends of Leonard M. Rieser (1922-1998), chair of the Bulletin’s Board of Directors from 1985 to 1998, established the Leonard M. Rieser Fellowships in 1999 for undergraduate students seeking to conduct research on the connections between science, global security, and public policy. The Bulletin has awarded 24 fellowships to qualifying undergraduates since 1999.


The Rieser Fellowships provide up to two successful applicants with a one-time award of up to $4,000 to pursue projects that explore issues at the intersection of science, global security, and public policy, focusing on a significant aspect of nuclear security, climate stabilization or biotechnology. Click here for additional details and the online application form.

Any undergraduate student studying at a U.S. college or university is eligible to apply. The 2013 deadline is March 15. The Rieser Committee's decision will be announced online in the Spring, following notification of all applicants.

In addition to the monetary award, each Rieser Fellow will be eligible to submit his or her fellowship project results to be considered for publication on the Bulletin's website or for use in a Bulletin program. Rieser Fellows will also be eligible to participate in the Bulletin's Annual Clock Symposium in January of their fellowship year.

For RIESER FELLOW ALUMNI AND DONORS: Generous individuals who share Leonard Rieser's passion for educating future scientists and policymakers about the opportunities and consequences of technological advances are encouraged to contact the Development Office at 773-382-0723. Rieser Fellow alumni and Rieser donors are invited as guests to an annual reunion at the Bulletin's Doomsday Clock Symposium.

Leonard M. Rieser

Leonard M. Rieser (1922-1998) was a physicist, professor, mentor, and vocal advocate for the peaceful resolution of conflict. Through the Leonard M. Rieser Fellowships in Science, Global Security, and Public Policy we honor his belief in the ability of the next generation to play a critical role in finding solutions to persistent global problems.

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