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18 April 2017

Why the Bulletin supports the March for Science

Bulletin Science and Security Board member Raymond Pierrehumbert explains: In these times, the truth needs an advocate.

8 March 2017

Kennette Benedict: An interview with the Atomic Heritage Foundation

In this November 2016 interview, Bulletin senior advisor Kennette Benedict describes the magazine's role in providing scientists with a platform to inform the debate on nuclear policy and...

19 January 2017

A map of vulnerabilities

This map of India and Pakistan shows: in yellow, nuclear facilities and likely...

14 March 2016

Meet Climate Scientist Beate Liepert

An introduction to Beate Liepert, the newest columnist at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Liepert is a climate scientist at NorthWest Research Associates in Seattle, Washington,...

1 March 2016

William Perry's nuclear nightmare

William J. Perry, the 19th US defense secretary, shares his nuclear nightmare in this video produced by the William J. Perry Project: A nuclear...

29 February 2016

What do millennials have to say about nuclear weapons?

Two nonprofit organizations, Physicians for Social Responsibility and N Square, sponsored the...

26 February 2016

An introduction to Dr. Strangelove

The official trailer for the film Dr. Strangelove

26 January 2016

The Clock: A Brief History

You've heard of the book "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking (who, incidentally, is on our Board of Sponsors)? Well, this is a brief history of the Bulletin's Doomsday Clock.

26 January 2016

The Clock is ticking