13 March 2017

Nuclear Roundup: 3/13/2017

Jodi Lieberman

Jodi Lieberman

Jodi Lieberman is a senior advisor at Argonne National Laboratory. She has previously held positions at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the US Departments of State and Energy, where she...


A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

Iran Nuclear Deal

Analysis of the IAEA’s Fifth Iran Nuclear Deal Report

Nuclear Chief Upbeat on Tehran-IAEA Cooperation

United States

An Atomic-Weapons Expert’s Worst-Case Scenario for What Trump Might Do With All That ‘Access to the Nuclear Codes’

From Cold War to Gold War: It’s Trump’s nuclear arms race now

Editorial: Aging nuclear weapons arsenal needs to be modernized

We May Need A Separate Deep Geologic Repository For Our Nuclear Weapons Waste


North Korea poses unique challenges to space, experts say

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un keeps going ballistic

Don’t underestimate North Korea’s nuclear program

As North Korea’s arsenal grows, experts see heightened risk of ‘miscalculation’

Could North Korea actually hit Alaska with a missile?

South Korea may get friendly with its nuclear-armed neighbor

Troubled Nuclear Builder Seen Best Fit for Asian Ambitions

Austrian foreign minister calls on Japan to join nuclear ban negotiations

Another reduction coming for Fukushima nuclear evacuation area

Why Russia Is Cheating on the INF Treaty

Two of Russia's Most Powerful Nuclear Submarines Fired Torpedoes At Each Other

US nukes just got a lot deadlier — and experts say it could cause Russia to attack

The Weapon NATO Hoped to 'Ride' To Victory If Russia Ever Launched Nuclear Weapons

German Nukes Would Be a National Tragedy

New nuclear tensions in Europe

General Interest

At 89, he works with granddaughter to prevent nuclear doom

The Radioisotope Generator Pulsing in ISRO’s Future

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