9 March 2017

Nuclear Roundup: 3/9/2017

Jodi Lieberman

Jodi Lieberman

Jodi Lieberman is a senior advisor at Argonne National Laboratory. She has previously held positions at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the US Departments of State and Energy, where she...


A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Deal: Sanctions and diplomacy can be effective means of achieving and sustaining nonproliferation policy objectives

United States

Hill braces for DOE cuts, looks to Mulvaney's record for clues

Democrats renew attack on new nuclear cruise missile

Sandia National Labs ensure functionality of nation’s nuclear weapons

Congressman’s effort to move nuclear waste out of S.C. is a tough sell

New GAO Report: DOE Excess Uranium Transfers


Changes Planned to Budget Structure and Justification


North Korea Tried to Sell Nuclear-Weapon Material Last Year

Can North Korea Actually Hit the U.S. With a Nuclear Missile?

U.S. Admits New Strategy Needed to Stop N. Korea Nuclear Program

Haley Demands Positive Action from North Korea Before Talks

Russia to arm Antey nuclear subs with Kalibr missiles

Kremlin denies violating nuclear arms pact with US

Roaming, Radioactive Boars Slow Return of Japan’s Nuclear Refugees

General Interest

Lasers can detect weapons-grade uranium from afar

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