14 July 2017

Nuclear Roundup: 7/14/2017

Jodi Lieberman

Jodi Lieberman

Jodi Lieberman is a senior advisor at Argonne National Laboratory. She has previously held positions at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the US Departments of State and Energy, where she...


A compilation of quality nuclear policy news published on the Web, around the world.

North Korea

North Korea’s Yongbyon Facility: Probable Production of Additional Plutonium for Nuclear Weapons

A North Korean girl group helped celebrate Kim Jong-un’s latest missile launch

North Koreans Disagree Over Recent Missile Test

How to break the missile-test cycle in North Korea without going to war

North Korea: a terrifying glimpse into what war with Kim Jong-un's military would look like

What Does the Future Hold for Kim Jong Un's Nuclear Gamble?

The North Korean missile crisis

North Korea: The Case for Deterrence

North Korea: The Case for War

North Korea: Horns of a dilemma

United States

US Nuclear Agency Sets Expectations for Los Alamos Contract

Nuclear Summer

 Nuclear Bunkers Won’t Protect You from What’s Happening in the White House


Obama's gift to Trump: A lasting deal on Iran's nuclear program

Hecker: The US-Russian teamwork that kept nuclear weapons safe

TEPCO chair: Nuclear plant must release contaminated water

Lossiemouth aircraft tasked with defending UK’s nuclear weapons

Brexit: UK could be 'associate' of EU nuclear body

General Interest

 How Can We Ensure Survival in a New Era of Nuclear Brinkmanship?

Income Inequality Will Survive the Nuclear Apocalypse

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