1945-1998 Bulletin backfile available via Google Books

As of December 9, 2008, 53 years of Bulletin content is now available online for free at Google Books. This archive begins with the first issue of the magazine--originally published in December 1945--and includes every year thereafter until 1998.

"For years, we've worked to make as much information as possible accessible online, whether that information comes from books, newspapers, or images," Google said in an announcement. "We think that bringing more magazines online is one more important step toward our long-standing goal of providing access to all the world's information."

Other publications included in this new initiative include New York, Popular Mechanics, and Ebony.

In the weeks and months ahead, Google will continue to make refinements to the Bulletin Archive and it will be incorporated significantly into our website. Along these lines, in January, we expect to launch the most recent 10 years of Bulletin content (1999-2008) in the John A. Simpson Collection--meaning the complete 63-year backfile of the Bulletin will be available online. Source documents accompanying many Bulletin articles also will be offered within the Simpson Collection.

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