Press briefing on missile defense

A new analysis by George N. Lewis and Theodore A. Postol in the May/June 2008 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reveals that the configuration of the proposed U.S. missile defense system in Europe will not adequately protect the continental United States or Europe against the postulated threat--an Iranian ballistic missile equipped with a nuclear warhead. Specific findings include:

  • The system's centerpiece radar, slated for the Czech Republic, is substantially underpowered, rendering it ineffective unless upgraded or replaced.
  • To compensate for this shortcoming, the controversial U.S. radar in Vardo, Norway will likely be a part of the system.
  • Despite U.S. claims to the contrary, defense installations in the Czech Republic and Poland are ideally suited to counter Russian missiles.

Download: The European missile defense folly

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George N. Lewis: A physicist, Lewis is associate director of the Peace Studies Program at Cornell University. His expertise is in missile defense technology, the proliferation of ballistic missiles, and nuclear arms control.

Theodore A. Postol: A professor of science, technology, and national security policy at MIT, Postol is a leading authority on missile defense who previously served as scientific adviser to the Chief of Naval Operations.


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