Ruth Adams Award winner focused on water scarcity in Asia

The Bulletin has selected Stephen Sapienza, senior producer of Foreign Exchange with Daljit Dhaliwal, as the second recipient of its Ruth Adams Award for Journalists in Peace and Security.

Sapienza will use web-based and broadcast reporting to illuminate a little-known but looming struggle over diminishing water supplies in Asia. The issue could put India and China, rising economic powers and both nuclear weapon states, at odds over an essential natural resource.

"I'm intrigued with this story because it combines what some believe will be the biggest threat to peace in the twenty-first century--water scarcity--with the largest, and still unresolved, threat to peace during the twentieth century--nuclear weapons," said Sapienza. His work will appear in the Bulletin magazine and on the website in late 2008, when he is expected to make several public presentations about his findings.

Applications for the third Ruth Adams Award are due August 1, 2008.