4 July 2017

Introduction: Into the aftermath

John Mecklin

John Mecklin is the editor-in-chief of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Previously, Mecklin was editor-in-chief of Miller-McCune (since renamed Pacific Standard),...


In the age of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the possible use of nuclear weapons has, horrifyingly, crawled from the dustbin of history. In this special issue, “After midnight,” top experts examine the ethics and practicalities of preparing a humanitarian response to the use of nuclear weapons, some realistic scenarios that could lead to regional nuclear weapons use–mini-Armageddons, if you will excuse the oxymoron–and various ways in which nuclear warfare might be forestalled or, in the event the unthinkable begins, stopped. Read this free-access introduction to "After midnight," the July/August issue of the Bulletin's digital journal.