2 November 2017

Noam Chomsky: In the Trump era, severe threats to “organized human life”

Lucien Crowder

Lucien Crowder oversees the Bulletin’s coverage of chemical weapons, biological weapons, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous weapons, and cyber issues. He joined...


Noam Chomsky, though a linguist of enormous stature, is best known outside his original field for an intense, left-leaning political engagement that has entailed pointed criticism of US foreign policy and an abiding interest in nuclear weapons and other technology-based threats to human civilization. In this interview, Chomsky speaks with Bulletin senior editor Lucien Crowder about the Trump administration’s policies on climate change, nuclear modernization, North Korea, and Iran – and about an intensification of “the extremely severe threats that all of us face.”  Read this free-access interview in the November/December special issue of the digital Journal.