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16 May 2018
Middle East

The Iran deal is a done deal

Aaron Arnold

Trump’s unilateral decision about the Iran deal has put the EU in a bind, from which it will likely prove hard to escape.

19 October 2017

Blockchain: A new aid to nuclear export controls?

Aaron Arnold

While most people may not have heard of blockchain, many do know of its most visible implementation, Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency used to store and transfer value. Although cryptocurrencies tend to dominate media attention, the underlying technology, blockchain, has far-reaching applications; it can be used to store property records, clear and settle accounts, ensure the validity and execution of contractual arrangements, and—possibly— prevent the illicit procurement of weapons of mass destruction-related goods and technologies.

4 October 2017

Can Chinese banks identify North Korean sanctions evaders?

Aaron Arnold

Anyone with an Internet connection can form a shell company. And YouTube explainers now provide guidance on concealing assets and avoiding customer due diligence.

16 December 2016

What Jeff Sessions as attorney general will mean for the Iran Deal

Aaron Arnold

While the attorney general has no direct role, the actions of the Justice Department carry a ripple effect.

22 May 2015
Middle East

How to know if Iran breaks its word: Financial monitoring

Aaron ArnoldNikos Passas

The ebb and flow of money is an early indicator of any questionable nuclear activity

22 April 2015

Three myths about the Iran sanctions

Aaron Arnold

Wrongheaded, fixed ideas have been plaguing the Iran negotiations

20 January 2015

Big banks and their game of risk

Aaron Arnold

Big fines could spell big trouble for US counterproliferation efforts