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3 September 2017

Scientists active in the public sphere recognize the importance of communications but sometimes have an incomplete or exaggerated view of the risks to both their public and professional reputations as a function of their advocacy.

1 January 2015

In recent years, with the rise of social media, many more scientists are becoming public communicators. In politicized fields such as climate science, these communications can attract disproportionate attention.

22 April 2008

The uncertainty in climate modeling

Claudia TebaldiGavin SchmidtJames MurphyLeonard A. Smith

Simulating the global ecosystem is complex, potentially involving infinite variables that describe and relate nature's chemical, physical, and biological processes.

21 February 2008

Tacit knowledge gets lost in translation with climate modeling

Reading this discussion, it's safe to say that any policy maker would get a pretty similar idea of what climate models can tell them, no matter which of us he talked to.

26 November 2007

Climate models produce projections, not probabilities

"I'm just a model whose intentions are good, Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood," Nina Simone may as well have sung. Models are fundamentally necessary in all sciences.