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22 December 2016

In the nuclear order, what role for China?

Hua HanRajesh RajagopalanGregory Kulacki

China's getting richer. China's getting stronger. How will a stronger, richer China approach the world's nonproliferation and disarmament challenges?

8 December 2016

China and disarmament: Three questions going forward

How vigorously China pursues its existing disarmament commitments, and whether it takes a leadership role in disarmament, depend on the answers to three questions.

16 November 2016

Washington and Moscow hold the keys to the door of disarmament

Disarmament commitments are both normative and legally binding. But commitments alone don't provide nuclear weapon states a sufficient incentive to disarm.

25 October 2016

China, the increasingly responsible nuclear stakeholder

Since the late 1980s, China has undergone a dramatic transformation in nonproliferation policy and implementation. Still, opportunities exist for Beijing to strengthen its role in nonproliferation.