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9 November 2017

A Republican senator calls a hearing on a Republican president’s nuclear weapons authority

John Mecklin

Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee has announced that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which he chairs, will hold a hearing next week on executive branch authority in regard to nuclear weapons use.

2 November 2017

In this issue, top experts assess the Trump administration’s performance in regard to the major, continuing global threats at the heart of the Bulletin’s mission: nuclear weapons, climate change, man-made biological agents, and cyber attacks on democracy.

6 October 2017

ICAN wins the Nobel Peace Prize for work on nuclear weapons ban treaty

John Mecklin

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, or ICAN, the Switzerland-based coalition of civil society groups that led successful efforts to approve a nuclear weapons ban treaty.

5 October 2017

Public education alert: Americans still support nuclear weapons use

John Mecklin

In what may be the most depressing article I’ve read since the epithets “Rocket Man” and “Dotard” entered the global lexicon, The Harvard Crimson reports that public approval of nuclear weapons use remains strong in the United States.

3 October 2017

Sweet dreams

John Mecklin

Some bedtime reading material.

25 September 2017

Threatening words, threatened deeds, and the possibility of war in Korea

John Mecklin

The word-war between Washington and Pyongyang advanced from grandiose insults to concrete threats on Monday, seeming to march eerily in line with warnings that rhetoric-mongering among US and North Korean leaders could, over time, lead to war.

21 September 2017

A status report on a troubled nuclear industry

John Mecklin

“The report makes clear, in telling detail, that the debate is over. Nuclear power has been eclipsed by the sun and the wind. These renewable, free-fuel sources are no longer a dream or a projection—they are a reality [and] are replacing nuclear as the preferred choice for new power plants worldwide.”

19 September 2017

Trump's unusual UN speech

John Mecklin

In an address to the United Nations that was roundly criticized in legacy and social media and by many in the US political establishment, President Donald Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea and continued his unusual attempt to brand the leader of North Korea as “Rocket Man.”