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2 January 2018

Because it is the keeper of the Doomsday Clock, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is occasionally (if quite wrongly) accused of fear-mongering.

23 December 2017

The nuclear threat in 2017

John Mecklin

It was a year stained by the epithets “little rocket man” and “dotard” and full of all-too-many nuclear threats

11 December 2017

What climate change looks like

John Mecklin

A photo of the Thomas Fire that ravaged Ventura and Santa Barbara counties in California

30 November 2017

Duke's Peter Feaver on the president and US nuclear command and control

John Mecklin

An interview with Peter Feaver, a political science and public policy professor at Duke University who has served on the National Security Council for two presidents and is an expert in the sub-field often known as civil-military or political-military affairs.

20 November 2017

Reconsidering the nuclear demigod called Mr. President

John Mecklin

The simmer of unease prompted by the prospect of Donald Trump in command of nuclear weapons—initially highlighted during last year’s presidential campaign—reached full boil last week. A Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on nuclear use authority included clear expressions of concern, most pointedly from Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat who said he and others were concerned “that the president of the United States is so unstable, is so volatile, has a decision-making process that is so quixotic, that he might order a nuclear weapons strike that is wildly out of step with US national security interests.” But the Senate hearing resulted in no immediate consensus on the ways in which a president’s relatively unfettered authority to launch nuclear weapons might be modified without raising significant constitutional questions.

9 November 2017

A Republican senator calls a hearing on a Republican president’s nuclear weapons authority

John Mecklin

Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee has announced that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which he chairs, will hold a hearing next week on executive branch authority in regard to nuclear weapons use.

2 November 2017

In this issue, top experts assess the Trump administration’s performance in regard to the major, continuing global threats at the heart of the Bulletin’s mission: nuclear weapons, climate change, man-made biological agents, and cyber attacks on democracy. 

6 October 2017

ICAN wins the Nobel Peace Prize for work on nuclear weapons ban treaty

John Mecklin

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, or ICAN, the Switzerland-based coalition of civil society groups that led successful efforts to approve a nuclear weapons ban treaty.