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14 September 2017

Cracks in the wall of climate denial?

Lucien Crowder

Amid hurricane season, Republicans exhibit signs… tiny, tiny signs… of changing course on climate change.

9 May 2017

Nuclear anxiety reappears in Yuba City

Lucien Crowder

Sometimes when you stop for gas, you see the darndest things on the front page of the local paper.

27 April 2017

Best available reef idea: Shooting salt at clouds from ships

Lucien Crowder

The Great Barrier Reef had a very tough year in 2016. As climate change intensifies, reef-saving plans range from the preposterous to the fanciful.

26 April 2017

It was 31 years ago today: Chernobyl

Lucien Crowder

Is this the year the Chernobyl nuclear power disaster begins its long fade from living memory?

5 April 2017

How highly organized people can survive a global pandemic

Lucien Crowder

The next time a virulent pathogen rampages across human civilization, luck will favor the scrupulously prepared.

29 March 2017

More bad news for the nuclear industry as Westinghouse files for bankruptcy

Lucien Crowder

Once-proud Westinghouse files for bankruptcy. Reactor construction in two southern states is up in the air. Toshiba rues its errors. What a mess.

27 March 2017

Harvard field test for geoengineering set to start

Lucien Crowder

Eminem once proclaimed himself the kind of guy who would “point a aerosol can up at the ozone layer.” Now, to make the Earth feel a little more... shady, Harvard University is doing something similar.

15 March 2017

Gene drives, malaria, and the back roads of Burkina Faso

Lucien Crowder

A high-tech project to eliminate malaria from Africa requires the consent of local people. But how do you gain their consent when they have little idea what you’re talking about?

9 March 2017

Alert! Radioactive boars on two continents

Lucien Crowder

This little piggy went to the Fukushima exclusion zone.

2 March 2017

Report: Fiona Hill offered White House spot on Russia policy

Lucien Crowder

For a White House perceived as suspiciously chummy with Russia, hiring Putin critic Fiona Hill for a top policy spot would send a decidely un-chummy signal.