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23 February 2018

Saving whales in the Seychelles

Lucien Crowder

Overwhelmed by debt? The solution is easy—just establish maritime reserves and call up Leonardo DiCaprio.

14 February 2018

Want to serve your country? Let’s discuss your implants

Lucien Crowder

If human bodies get rigged up with potential tools of electronic espionage, can anyone be trusted?

13 February 2018

AI and climate: On the “bleeding edge” with a pioneering researcher

Lucien Crowder

Don't know what climate informatics is? You're excused. This collision of climate science and artificial intelligence is so new that we know who named it. Meet her.

8 February 2018

DARPA does nature

Lucien Crowder

The Defense Department outfit that specializes in emerging technologies is increasingly interested in fish behavior, plant viruses, and making friends with bugs.

1 February 2018

To catch a drone: Pyeongchang casts a wary eye upward

Lucien Crowder

Security is always a big deal at the Olympics. This time, flying toys are prepared to do battle with other flying toys.

18 January 2018

DC: Shutting down cybersecurity?

Lucien Crowder

It’s bad enough that a government shutdown could bar you from the Grand Canyon. But what if it exposed the government to cyber attack?

10 January 2018
AmericasAsiaEurope/RussiaMiddle East

Don’t fear the robopocalypse: Autonomous weapons expert Paul Scharre

Lucien Crowder

A former Army Ranger—who happens to have led the team that established Defense Department policy on autonomous weapons—explains in a Bulletin interview what these weapons are good for, what they’re bad at, and why banning them is going to be a very difficult challenge.

9 January 2018
Middle East

Pray for rain: Climate change means trouble for Iran's ayatollahs

Lucien Crowder

If wish to perpetuate a conservative theocracy, the greatest blessing may be wet.

3 January 2018

Artificial intelligence eats chess computers for lunch

Lucien Crowder

Once upon a time, kids, the world’s strongest chess player had a beating heart.

21 December 2017

On climate, all the good news you can stand

Lucien Crowder

Need a bit of holiday cheer? Physicist and climate expert Joe Romm has you covered.