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6 August 2015

Test ban for hypersonic missiles?

Mark GubrudRajaram NagappaTong Zhao

Hypersonic missile technology, if it ever matures, will enable quick strikes over long distances. But critics say that hypersonics are destabilizing—for example, they could be used to attack nuclear installations or could be mistaken for nuclear-armed missiles.

23 July 2015

Hypersonic missiles: Junk nobody needs

The author argues that the biggest obstacle to a hypersonic missile test ban is skepticism--the same skepticism that every ultimately successful arms control initiative has faced.

6 July 2015

Hypersonics: Why and why not

The author argues that hypersonic missiles, if they are deployed, would poison international relations, escalate an arms race, and increase the risk of war—but all of that could be avoided if a hypersonic test ban were instituted.

24 June 2015

Just say no

The author argues that a test ban for hypersonic weapons is an easy and significant way to resist a current trend toward destabilizing weapons technology.

12 April 2015

Semi-autonomous and on their own: Killer robots in Plato’s Cave

Mark Gubrud

To forestall threats from future killer robots, don’t ignore today’s “semi-autonomous” weapons

2 September 2014

The argument for a hypersonic missile testing ban

Mark Gubrud

A ban on the testing of hypersonic missiles would place a roadblock in the path of a destabilizing, technology-driven arms race

20 September 2013

US killer robot policy: Full speed ahead

Mark Gubrud

The Defense Department's policy for autonomy in weapon systems may appear to reflect caution, but it allows the Pentagon to fund, test, buy, and use technology that could target and kill by machine decision.