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1 July 2014
Global forum

Technological advances in the life sciences hold out the promise of controlling or eliminating stubborn diseases.

29 May 2014

How to confront emerging pathogens

Oyewale TomoriLouise BezuidenhoutChandre GouldMaria José Espona

In rich countries, the threat of manmade pathogens can keep security professionals up at night. In the developing world, health care professionals must focus mostly on the here and now.

13 May 2014

Wake up. Ease off.

The author argues that developing nations, especially in Africa, must wake up from their dependency stupor regarding health, while developed countries must ease off on their dominance of disease surveillance processes.

18 April 2014

Health in Africa: Corruption and misplaced priorities

The author argues that poor provision of health care in Africa is not due so much to poverty as to corruption and misplaced government priorities.

8 April 2014

National responsibilities, cooperative possibilities

The author argues that the fight against emerging pathogens requires countries to make a genuine political commitment to systems for disease surveillance, prevention, and control. Nations must also provide adequate resources, both financial and human.