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6 August 2015

Test ban for hypersonic missiles?

Mark GubrudRajaram NagappaTong Zhao

Hypersonic missile technology, if it ever matures, will enable quick strikes over long distances. But critics say that hypersonics are destabilizing—for example, they could be used to attack nuclear installations or could be mistaken for nuclear-armed missiles.

6 August 2015

What's possible: Hypersonic harm reduction

The author argues that minimizing the harm associated with hypersonic missiles requires that hypersonics be included in nuclear arms control discussions and in arrangements limiting or reducing strategic arms.


26 June 2015

Banning hypersonics: Too much to hope for

The author argues that banning research and development programs for hypersonic missiles will be difficult. Limited transparency measures might be within reach, but even these mechanisms will require persistent effort and engagement from the major players.