21 December 2015

Expert post-Paris climate analysis

In a teleconference for select Bulletin supporters, two of its Science and Security Board members—Sivan Kartha of the Stockholm Environment Institute and Ri...

25 November 2015

The Paris climate talks, in context

Top experts from Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs provide  historical background for the upcoming climate change conference in Paris, known as COP 21.

17 September 2015

Podcast: Arms control expert Henry Sokolski on the nuclear future

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists teleconference featuring arms control expert Henry Sokolski of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center and moderated by Bulletin executive...

9 September 2015

The Vela event of 1979

Information in a variety of publications over the years strongly supports the premise that a mysterious double flash detected by a US satellite in 1979 was indeed a nuclear test, conducted by...

25 August 2015

Fukushima Daiichi, five years later

On a recent 2015 trip to view the restricted areas in the devastated region around the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, frequent Bulletin contributor Subrata Ghoshroy was able to get a good...

13 August 2015

Podcast: Nonproliferation expert Jon Wolfsthal on the Iran Agreement

An audio recording of the second installment in our teleconference series, Decoding the Iran agreement. This teleconference focused on the White House view of the Iran agreement. For the first...

6 August 2015

Decoding the Iran agreement: the podcast

Listen to our teleconference featuring arms control experts Olli Heinonen, Joan Rohlfing, and Frank von Hippel, moderated by ...

24 July 2015

The troubled Nagasaki bombing mission

The Hiroshima atomic bomb mission was a milk run. But on the Nagasaki mission, everything seemed to go wrong, possibly because the entire schedule was rushed: The...

8 July 2015

Yes, a warming planet can mean extreme weather

How can a barely perceptible rise in air temperature lead to more extreme weather? This animated video illustrates how an average temperature rise of .8 degrees Celsius at the Earth’s...