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The Hydrogen Bomb

In this article, I shall discuss some of the scientific, moral, and political aspects of the [potential]  hydrogen bomb… …The main problem in the release of nuclear energy is not the amount of nuclear energy available—there are plenty of nuclear reactions in which it is large enough—but whether there is a mechanism by which the release can proceed … Continued

Controlled nuclear fusion: Energy for the distant future

In the beginning it appeared that the technology of controlled fusion should arise quite naturally and develop from very simple and transparent ideas of physics. After the sparkling, but also sad, success in the creation of atomic and hydrogen weapons no one, it seems, could doubt the technological omnipotence of physical thinking. Nonetheless, about 20 … Continued

Fusion power: The uncertain certainty

Fusion will be and needs to be achieved. But when? Its primary fuel, deuterium, exists in sufficient quantity to satisfy any conceivable energy demands for thousands of millions of years. The cost of obtaining it from water is less than one per cent the present cost of coal. Is fusion power a distant dream or … Continued

The ultimate catastrophe

It’s time someone ran a computer calculation on the chances of a high order fusion explosion inducing a runaway chain reaction. >Read more: The ultimate catastrophe

Laser fusion

Many nations without access to fissionable materials but with expertise in laser fusion will be able to develop thermonuclear weapons. Presently, there are no restrictions on such research. And let us not forget that one of the reasons why Nazi Germany developed rockets in the 1930s was that the Versailles Treaty did not forbid it. … Continued

Is ITER the way?

In September 1958, 61 nations and nine special agencies participated in an Atoms for Peace event in Geneva, Switzerland, filled with exhibits of fusion devices, operating fission reactors, models of nuclear power plants, and a model of an atom smasher. In this atmosphere of cooperation (and competition), the US and the USSR discussed magnetic fusion, … Continued

Drugs and Guns

NGOs Take Aim