It's the Bulletin's 75th anniversary!

Join us for dinner on November 12, 2020--
from wherever you are

The Bulletin's 75th virtual anniversary event has been recalibrated so that you can join us online. This unique virtual experience allows you and your guests to join small, carefully curated “ virtual tables." Each table will feature two provocateurs, both established and up-and-coming experts in the fields of nuclear risk, climate change, and disruptive technologies, who will lead the discussions. Engage with our global audience, thought leaders, and experts from around the world – all from the comfort of home.


Welcome to a virtual dinner experience

The Bulletin’s 75th Anniversary Dinner has moved online, offering a unique virtual experience that allows participants to join small, carefully curated “tables” via the magic of Zoom. Follow the simple steps below and you will be all set for our virtual dinner together.

Purchase your table or ticket for the event

Table buyers: Please see our registration page to purchase tables to this exciting event. Table hosts are given the opportunity to select which two provocateurs they would like to include in their tables. Please see the list of Table Experts. Expert selection is prioritized by table levels.

Individual registrants: Please see our registration page to purchase tickets to this exciting event. Individual registrants will be placed in existing tables with a pre-assigned “provocateur.”

Make sure you have a Zoom account set up

After you purchase your tickets or table to the event, you will need to confirm you have a Zoom account. If you do not already have an existing Zoom account, you will need to create a Zoom account. Make sure the email address provided for registration purposes is the same email you use for your Zoom account.

Table hosts will need to provide email addresses for each of their guests to register them for the event.

Use the link to join the event

Once registered for the Bulletin’s 75th Anniversary Dinner, you will receive a confirmation email; please check your inbox immediately upon registering. A week before the dinner, you and each of your guests will receive an email containing meeting instructions and a Zoom link for exclusive access to the virtual dinner experience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Development Coordinator Delilah Marto at [email protected] or call 773-834-4077.

Overview of the Event Program

Please see the program page for more details regarding the evening’s speakers.

Thursday, November 12, 2020
(Note: All times below are US Central time.)

4:30 pm - Online Event Opens

5:00 pm - Live Program begins with Welcome and Keynote Remarks

5:20 pm - Dinner Table Conversation #1 (pre-arranged small group session)

6:00 pm - Rieser Award Presentation and 75th Anniversary Toast

6:30 pm - Dinner Table Conversation #2 (pre-arranged small group session)

7:15 pm - Closing Remarks and Live Program Ends

Zoom Details

- To create an account, go to In the top right corner, select the orange box SIGN UP, ITS FREE.

- Follow the instructions and input data to set up your account. **Please make sure the email address you have used for your dinner registration is the same email address you use to create your Zoom account.

- We recommend using the Zoom app over the Zoom web browser for added functionality. You can download the Zoom app here.

See the Program and Table Experts pages for the full list of speakers.

The Details

Join our sponsors!

Download a PDF of sponsorship opportunities, or contact our development officer, Colleen McElligott. Email: [email protected]   Office Telephone: 773.834.2308