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30 August 2012

The nuclear approach to climate risk

Wang HaibinAnthony TurtonHira Bahadur Thapa

From desertification in China to glacier melt in Nepal to water scarcity in South Africa, climate change is beginning to make itself felt in the developing world.

30 August 2012

Security in the new epoch

The author argues that, though human beings have succeeded because of their ability to manipulate their environment, they will have to adopt the cooperation strategies of other species in order to continue prospering.

9 August 2012

Progress, crisis, and ingenuity

The author argues that human beings are more likely to overcome environmental problems through ingenuity than they are to provoke planetary environmental disaster.

25 July 2012

Water, climate, and thorium: Why nuclear power makes sense for South Africa

Participants in this Roundtable are asked whether, given the dangers that climate change presents, nuclear energy is worth the risk for developing nations. My own country, South Africa, offers a particularly interesting lens through which to examine this question.