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Board of Sponsors

The Bulletin’s Board of Sponsors was established in December 1948 by Albert Einstein, with J. Robert Oppenheimer as its first chair. Members of the Board of Sponsors are recruited by their peers from the world’s most accomplished science and security leaders to reinforce the importance of the Bulletin’s activities and publications. The Board grew out of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, which Einstein wrote, “was organized in August 1946 to support the educational activities undertaken by the various groups of atomic scientists.”

Members of the Board of Sponsors are consulted on key issues, including the setting of the Bulletin’s Doomsday Clock. Members, which have counted 40 Nobel laureates over the years, are welcome to attend all meetings.


Science & Security Board

The Science and Security Board (SASB) is comprised of a select group of globally recognized leaders with a specific focus on nuclear risk, climate change, and disruptive technologies. The SASB provides the Bulletin with objective external perspectives on trends and issues in these related fields and connects the organization to outside experts. The SASB’s responsibilities include: (1) setting the hands of the Doomsday Clock, (2) representing the Corporation at public events, especially to broadcast, print and other media in coordination with the President and CEO; (3) serving as the Editorial Advisory Board of the Bulletin; (4) providing editorial and program advice to the staff of the Bulletin; (5) tracking and advising the governing board and the President and CEO on risks relating to man-made existential threats, including nuclear risk, climate change, and disruptive technologies; and (6) identifying new experts as contributors to the Bulletin and for membership on the SASB. The SASB grew out of the original Board of Directors established in 1945. A vote in 2008 restructured the Board of Directors into the SASB and the Governing Board.

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Governing Board

Comprised of recognized leaders in their respective fields, the Governing Board’s responsibilities include (1) setting the strategic direction of the organization; (2) ensuring the organization operates in a legal, ethical and professional manner; (3) participating in Doomsday Clock discussions; (4) representing the organization at public events; and (5) assisting in raising funds for the Bulletin’s continued operation and fiscal stability. The Board meets quarterly, and its subcommittees meet more regularly.


Board Committees

Bulletin Committees are made up of a combination of Bulletin Governing Board members and select community members who act as advisors within their areas of expertise.

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