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1 April 2008

Don't undo the progress made in development and women's rights

We all agree that climate change is a serious threat to environmental and human health.
Precisely because of its seriousness, we don't have time to bark up the proverbial wrong tree.
Population control isn't the solution to global warming. In much of the world, birthrates are

7 March 2008

Let's not oversimplify the causes of environmental degradation

I agree with Joe Chamie's assessment that even if we could dramatically reduce unintended
pregnancies, it wouldn't have much impact on curbing global greenhouse gas emissions. In any case,

29 January 2008

Sustainable lifestyles, not population control, will solve the climate crisis

I'm glad we agree that universal access to noncoercive family planning and reproductive health
services should be an important goal of international development policy. However, this doesn't

24 December 2007

Population fears distract from effectively responding to global warming

First, I want to make clear that I strongly support women's right to safe, voluntary, and
accessible birth-control services--as an end in itself, not as a means to drive down population