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30 September 2014

Poems of the Manhattan Project

Bulletin Staff

Selections from Critical Assembly, which looks at nuclear weapons from the perspectives of those involved in the Manhattan Project

25 November 2013
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Action plan: Keeping Iran from the bomb

Bulletin Staff

In November 2013, Iran and the P5+1 agreed on a monumental accord in Geneva to slow the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. Experts weigh in on the significance of the agreement and what might—or might not—be different in future nuclear discussions. 

18 November 2013

Gary Braasch on the visualization of climate change

Bulletin Staff

Environmental photojournalist Gary Braasch discusses how images have changed over time to illustrate the effects of climate change. This interview is based on Braasch's article—"Climate change: Is seeing believing?"—featured in the November/December 2013 issue of the Bulletin.

14 November 2013

2013 Doomsday Clock Symposium

Bulletin Staff

Watch experts and artists discuss catastrophe at the Bulletin's Fifth Annual Doomsday Clock Symposium in Washington, DC. 

22 August 2013
Middle East

The suspected Syrian chemical attacks: What now?

Bulletin Staff

Chemical weapons and national security experts assess the situation in Syria and suggest ways in which the United States and the international community might proceed, in light of what would—if proven true—be the most extensive use of chemical weapons in the Syrian uprising.

20 August 2013

Into thin air: The story of Plutonium Mountain

Bulletin Staff

Former Los Alamos National Laboratory director Siegfried Hecker details one of the world’s great nonproliferation stories—the effort to secure the Semipalatinsk Test Site in Kazakhstan.

1 July 2013

In this interview, outspoken climatologist James E. Hansen reflects on his 30-plus years of studying climate change and warning the public about its dangers. He talks about the most recent developments in climate science and the questions still to be answered.

19 June 2013

Obama in Berlin: Empty aspiration or inspiration to action?

Bulletin Staff

The Bulletin turns to a number of prominent nuclear weapons experts for their assessments of Obama’s Berlin speech.

5 April 2013

Interview with Siegfried Hecker: North Korea complicates the long-term picture

Bulletin Staff

Pronouncements from Pyongyang during the past few weeks have been ominous, among other things threatening the United States and South Korea with preemptive nuclear attacks. North Korea announced on April 2 that it would restart its nuclear facilities, including its 5-megawatt nuclear reactor in Yongbyon, north of the capital, which had been disabled and mothballed since an agreement in October 2007.

16 October 2012

Remembering the Cuban Missile Crisis

Bulletin Staff

Over the past 50 years, dozens of articles have appeared in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on the Cuban Missile Crisis. And with each passing year, new and relevant information has been reported -- which, for better or worse, has taught readers that the world was closer to full-scale nuclear war than was originally thought.