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24 November 2008

An international cap-and-trade system has flaws

It's good to see the discussion turning to international issues, where it seems we have some disagreements and the most difficult issues arise. So far, the discussion has been noteworthy more for consensus than anything else.

17 October 2008

A carbon tax dominates in an international context

If I'm reading the arguments made here correctly, the lay of the land is as follows: We agree that in theory a cap-and-trade system and a tax can be designed to be similar with respect to their coverage, their effects, and, to some extent, their administrative costs.

19 September 2008

It's all about design

I generally agree with Janet Milne that a carbon tax--or even better, a tax on all greenhouse gases--is preferable to a cap-and-trade system. However, if we follow good design principles, either will be effective.