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18 July 2013

Nuclear deterrence and terrorism: Implications for global security

Evgeny BuzhinskySadia TasleemManpreet Sethi

Though US nuclear policy seeks "to reduce the salience of nuclear weapons," it doesn't exclude their use against states that help terrorists obtain weapons of mass destruction.

4 July 2013

Nuclear weapons will be with us for a while

The author explains why Russia perceives its nuclear deterrent as necessary for the time being and questions the idea of establishing an international convention against using nuclear weapons.

17 June 2013

How US policy works against disarmament

The author writes that US initiatives such as ballistic missile defense and Prompt Global Strikes are counterproductive for disarmament and nonproliferation.

4 June 2013

Two sides to the coin

The author writes that the US Nuclear Posture Review correctly recognizes that nuclear weapons may encourage proliferation, but its attitude toward modernization of the US arsenal ensures that nuclear weapons will remain an element of US security strategy for a long time.