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1 March 2014
Global forum

Lack of access to modern energy services represents a pressing problem in the developing world, not least for women.

16 July 2013

Expanding energy access, improving women's lives

Dipak GyawaliKalpana SharmaTri Mumpuni

In the developing world, women and their families often struggle  because they lack access to modern energy. Women's days are taken up with  menial tasks; children quit school because they can't study at night;  everyone's health suffers.

4 July 2013

Energy, women, and governance

The author argues that promoting democratic systems of governance in which women’s voices count could benefit efforts to establish distributed energy systems under local control.

13 June 2013

Focus on cooking

The author argues that the top energy priority in much of the developing world should be provision of clean cooking fuels to poor rural women.

29 May 2013

Alternative energy, empowered women

The author argues that, in the developing world, decentralized energy systems are often far more appropriate than national grid-based electricity systems.

1 January 1999
Guest Opinion