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5 March 2013

Confronting unavoidable realities

The author argues that the real challenge facing the Nuclear Suppliers Group is that nations with nuclear ambitions, if they cannot obtain nuclear material or technology through the group, will probably be able in this day and age to obtain what they want somewhere else.

5 February 2013

Original mission, or expanded goals

The author argues that an expansion of the Nuclear Suppliers Group’s membership might be appropriate in due time, but for now a premium should be placed on deepening cooperation among the group's existing members.

4 January 2013

A view from Southeast Asia

The author argues that the Nuclear Suppliers Group must ensure that states starting nuclear programs not be made to feel that NSG policies are meant to constrain them; and must improve mechanisms to ensure that technology provided to states for peaceful purposes are not diverted elsewhere.

31 December 2012

Paths forward for the Nuclear Suppliers Group

Rajiv NayanKayhan BarzegarRaymund Jose G. Quilop

Though the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) may well be indispensable for nonproliferation, its membership of mainly wealthy nations sometimes provokes suspicion in the developing world. Can the NSG contribute to nonproliferation and also remain fair to developing countries?