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9 December 2013

Cooperate or perish

The author argues that negotiations alone will not solve the world’s climate problems. Rather, a shift in attitude is necessary whereby zero-sum approaches to climate negotiations are replaced by a spirit of cooperation.

19 November 2013

Seeking climate equity

Ambuj SagarPablo SolónRolph Payet

Most poor nations bear little responsibility for climate change but many of them stand to suffer greatly from it. Some rich nations balk at reducing carbon emissions unless others do likewise. How should responsibility for addressing climate change be apportioned?

11 November 2013

The poor, lighting their own way

The author argues that climate change can only be mitigated if human consumption stops outstripping the planet's ability to support it.

10 October 2013

More than lip service

The author writes that building a low-carbon world is feasible, but it requires most of all a strong commitment from the biggest emitters. Meanwhile, countries of all descriptions must cooperate in areas like carbon trading and energy efficiency.