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19 February 2015
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Will there be a next generation in the fight for nuclear nonproliferation?

Selim Can SazakMarie Luise SchwarzenbergBeenish Pervaiz

The failure to mobilize new disarmament activists is a danger to the cause

3 January 2013

Remember our humanity, forget the rest

The author argues that, despite Iranian protestations to the contrary, Iran’s nuclear program represents a serious proliferation threat.

6 December 2012

Where the buck stops

The author argues that Iran deserves to be included among nations that recklessly jeopardize regional stability and global security by possessing or pursuing nuclear weapons.

21 November 2012

The resilient nonproliferation regime

The author argues that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is alive and well, and will remain so unless those who care about its survival let it perish.

20 November 2012

Millennials on the next nuclear generation

Maryam Javan ShahrakiSelim Can SazakBeenish Pervaiz

In the 42 years since the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) came into force, much has changed in the world -- the Cold War has ended, the global number of nuclear weapons has decreased, yet the number of nuclear-armed states has increased.