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25 April 2014

Needed: Ability to manage nuclear power

Pervez HoodbhoyYun ZhouSulfikar Amir

Building nuclear power plants is one thing. Operating a nuclear power sector is another. How can developing countries ensure that they have established adequate systems for managing nuclear power?

25 April 2014

The transnational dimensions of nuclear risk

The author argues that establishing nuclear power in any Southeast Asian country will motivate other countries to adopt nuclear energy too; otherwise, they would get the risks without the benefits.

2 April 2014

Reducing risk through good governance

The author argues that the foundations of good nuclear governance include at least three things: transparency, accountability, and trust.

8 March 2014

When the public doesn’t trust you

The author argues that, though Indonesia has the technical capacity to operate a nuclear power sector, establishing such a sector is politically difficult because the Indonesian public lacks trust in its government.