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25 October 2012

Agreement, disagreement, and a path forward

The author argues that international fuel bank initiatives can succeed as long as all parties approach the project in a spirit of fairness and transparency, with no political bargaining going on behind the scenes.

9 October 2012

National decisions, national interest

The author that when developing countries decide whether to construct their own enrichment facilities, or instead to purchase low-enriched uranium on the open market and depend on the IAEA fuel banks as a backstop, they will do so on the basis of national interest.

28 August 2012

Is a nuclear fuel bank a good investment?

Ta Minh TuanKhaled ToukanRamamurti Rajaraman

Among the fundamental challenges facing the nonproliferation project is that highly enriched uranium suitable for nuclear weapons can be produced in the same facilities that make low-enriched uranium for civilian reactors.

28 August 2012

Calculating the value of an international fuel bank

The author argues that although international fuel banks might benefit customer nations in several ways, they also present potential economic and national security risks.