7 August 2016

Six weeks after Nagasaki

An exclusive slide show of photos taken when the first US Navy task force arrived in Nagasaki, Japan, just weeks after the city was levelled by an atomic bomb.

28 May 2016

Rachel Bronson on PBS NewsHour

President Barack Obama used his unprecedented visit to Hiroshima to call attention to the grave threat nuclear weapons still pose to the world. The Bulletin’s Executive Director and...

25 May 2016

The Doomsday Clock on Madam Secretary

The hit CBS television series, Madam Secretary, aired a special episode on Sunday, March 27th, that revolves around the Doomsday...

12 May 2016

Global Temperature Change

Climate scientist Ed Hawkins posted this GIF as a visualization of global temperatures spiraling upward from the average global temperature for the 1850 to 1900 time frame. The graphic has gone...

14 March 2016

Meet Climate Scientist Beate Liepert

An introduction to Beate Liepert, the newest columnist at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Liepert is a climate scientist at NorthWest Research Associates in Seattle, Washington,...

1 March 2016

William Perry's nuclear nightmare

William J. Perry, the 19th US defense secretary, shares his nuclear nightmare in this video produced by the William J. Perry Project: A nuclear...

29 February 2016

What do millennials have to say about nuclear weapons?

Two nonprofit organizations, Physicians for Social Responsibility and N Square, sponsored the...

26 February 2016

An introduction to Dr. Strangelove

The official trailer for the film Dr. Strangelove

25 February 2016

Facts on life extension

Two graphs explain a lot about why life extension of nuclear power plants can be problematic.