Lessons of climate change, stories of solutions.

By Arthur Mynett, January 1, 2011

While there is little dissent in the scientific community that climate change directly correlates to human-caused greenhouse-gas emissions, action to reduce those emissions has not followed from the United States and many other governments around the world. Meanwhile, climate changes are already underway, and will continue to some degree even if emissions are drastically curtailed, thanks to emissions already in the atmosphere. Some countries and states are making their own plans to adapt to expected impacts including higher sea levels, more intense rainfall, droughts, heat waves, and loss of water supplies—and to reduce their local emissions. In this Global Forum, three experts highlight efforts by national and local governments in planning for 2100 and beyond. From the Netherlands, Arthur Mynett; from Bangladesh, Saleemul Huq (2011); and from California, Martha Krebs (2011). Over the months of January and February, this forum will continue at www.thebulletin.org.


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