The fight against nuclear terrorism needs global cooperation–and the IAEA

By A. B. Korbatov, E. Suzuki, B. L. Goldblum, September 1, 2015

The inherent characteristics of the nuclear terrorist threat require adequate global security standards for all fissile nuclear material. Combating the threat of nuclear terrorism therefore demands a coordinated global response within the existing nuclear security architecture. In lieu of a formalized treaty, which could take years or decades to become effective, there must be a timely directed effort to secure nuclear material. While no institution is perfectly seated to preside over this effort, the International Atomic Energy Agency, with its expansive reach and decades of experience, is well suited to lead the charge. The Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism—a multinational collaborative effort founded by the United States and Russia—can act as a diplomatic vehicle to promote greater cooperation between the world’s largest nuclear powers. As a stabilizing force in an increasingly destabilized world, global cooperation to ensure nuclear security and prevent nuclear terrorism is urgently needed.


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