What worries risk experts most? (Hint: It’s not what keeps Clinton and Trump up at night)

By Dawn Stover, November 3, 2016

Neither of the presidential candidates is doing a great job of focusing on the biggest threats to the world, according to a group of experts surveyed by the Associated Press. The risk experts who agreed to rate the two candidates gave Hillary Clinton an average grade of C-plus, and Donald Trump an F.

One reason Clinton scored better than Trump is because she has a plan to deal with the number one threat identified by the 21 experts: climate change. The other four biggest threats, the risk experts said, are nuclear weapons, pandemics, cyberattacks, and problems with high technology. (It's no coincidence that those are the core topics the Bulletin covers regularly.)

"Political campaigns often miss the real potential risks while exaggering others, especially immigration and terrorism," the risk experts said. Over the past 15 years, people living in the United States were more than twice as likely to die in an extreme weather event than in a terrorist attack.

Publication Name: Associated Press
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