A message from Rachel Bronson

By | January 31, 2018

This year’s Doomsday Clock statement focuses world attention on today’s dangerous security environment, and urges leaders and citizens alike to redouble their efforts in advancing the health and safety of the planet. It is urgent that we all take heed – your partnership and support are now more important than ever.

The nuclear landscape takes center stage in the 2018 Clock statement. Major nuclear actors are on the cusp of a new arms race, one that will be very expensive and will increase the likelihood of accidents and misperceptions. Across the globe, nuclear weapons are poised to become more rather than less usable because of nations’ investments in their nuclear arsenals. President Trump was clear in his State of the Union Address last night when he said “we must modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal.” Make no mistake, a vitally important debate is now beginning about how to best invest US dollars in keeping the US and the world safe from nuclear warfare. Leaked copies of the forthcoming Nuclear Posture Review suggest that the US is about to embark on a less safe, less responsible and more expensive path. The Bulletin has highlighted concern about the direction that countries like the United States, China and Russia are moving, and momentum toward this new reality is increasing.

Help the Bulletin to rewind the Doomsday Clock. Get engaged, get involved, and help create that future. The time is now!

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Rachel Bronson, PhD
President & CEO

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Explore our Timeline of the Clock’s past changes, and test your knowledge of the Clock by visiting “Doomsday Clockwork,” our special FAQ on the purpose and history of Martyl Langsdorf’s 1947 creation. You can see all this and more at thebulletin.org.

Together, we make the world safer.

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